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April 2020 Newsletter

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March 12th, 2020

First in Scotland, fourth in the UK, 7th overall... This was the fine achievement of the TAU-2019 (Team Aberdeen University) racing car in last year's Formula Student competition at Silverstone.  Last night, some of the more than 50 students involved in the design of this year's car gave presentations at our regular Kippie Lodge meeting to explain the changes they'll be making to the vehicle in the hope of moving their position even higher in the list of the 2020 winners.

The TAU presentation team

 The TAU team representatives who told us about their work developing the TAU-2020 car.  Left to right: Aidan,
Head of Suspension; Euan, Co-Head of Composites and Aero; Josh, Technical Director of the project; Mantas,
Head of Engine; Linus, Head of Brakes and Uprights; Craig, Head of Media [Photograph by Franbk Odds]


The Formula Student competition is more than a straightforward race.  Competitors can earn a maximum of 1000 points based on their entry's engineering design, a cost and sustainability analysis, and a business presentation (for which last night's meeting afforded an opportunity for the students to hone their 'talking in public' skills).  The dynamic events that contribute to the total points score comprise a 1 km autocross/sprint, a skidpad event, a 75m acceleration test, a 22 km endurance test and a test of fuel economy.  The car therefore has to perform in several real-world settings.  The competition allows the students to develop their skills beyond the academic engineering they learn at university and use the experience they gain to become well rounded contibutors to both the engineering and the business worlds.

The students presented their work to an audience drawn from our MG Owners club and from several other local car clubs.  They showed us how computer software is used to optimize virtually every component of the car, from the aerodynamics of the undertray and the nose cone to the baffles in the fuel tank.


Mantas explains the workings of the fuel tank.

The team has attracted £20,000 in sponsorship this year, mainly from local engineering companies.  Its competitors include teams from all over the world, some with sponsorship from big names in the motor industry, including Ford, BMW and Lamborghini.  When they compete at Silverstone in July our club will be offering them our very best wishes for success.  


November Newsletter

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November 14th, 2019

Forty people, Club members and their guests, attended the annual Quiz Night event at Kippie Lodge.  They knuckled down for an evening of general knowledge brain racking.  The team calling themselves "Chapel Chumps" won the contest with a score of 91 points out of a possible 110.  They pipped the team called "Something Unique" by just half a point, thus giving Quizmaster Frank Odds no opportunity to pose any tie-breaker questions.

A lasagne supper midway through the evening was enjoyed by all.

Frank and Ali quiz Group 2

Frank and Ali Odds, who organized the quiz, prepare for action.                                           Roger Key, Aberdeen MGOC Chairman, raises a toast.

Group 1

                             More Quiz participants at supper.


September 28th, 2019

Car cleaning technology has moved on.  That was one of the clear lessons a group of 10 MG Club members took in as they listened to Alan Medcraf, founder of AMDetails at Elgin, as he demonstrated the finer points of keeping cars spotlessly clean, polished and waxed.

Alan, assisted by Eoin Robertson, kept the attention of the group with his witty presentation style and obvious knowledge of the chemistry of car paint and the materials that mar its finish.  Alan covered basic things such as car washing, tar removal, wheel cleaning (the appropriate brush can help enormously).  He then moved on to polishing (Alan wants regulations to see that products bearing the name ‘polish’ for cars contain an abrasive) and waxing (the type of wax you select depends on the nature of your car paint).

Afterwards, the general view of the day was that it had been very good and informative.  Several Club members would be interested to take the advanced detailing courses AMDetails offers.

03 Alan Medcraft 05 05 Club group watches car washing

Alan Medcraf demonstrates the finer points of car washing...      ...while the Club group looks on.


07 Club group watches Alan 09 Club group watches Alan 02

A good tar removal compound will dissolve tar.                     The MG Club team watch with interest as Alan explains clay bars


12 Alan in action 01 14 Club group watches Alan 07

Alan explains the intricacies of polishing and waxing... 


August 3rd, 2019

An MG-centered dinner was enjoyed in The Cowshed restaurant at Banchory by more than 20 Club members and guests visiting ahead of today's MG Cars and Jazz and the Lawn event at Drum Castle, open (today, August 4th) from 12:00 till 16:00.

Cowshed 03 Cowshed 04

Cowshed 05 Cowshed 06

Cowshed 07

 Cowshed 01


July 21st, 2019: midday drive and lunch at Kippie Lodge

Around this time last year, Aberdeen MG Owners Club member Graham Rettie organised a short road run culminating in a carvery lunch at our regular meeting place, Kippie Lodge. I remember the day well because it was on this run that the head gasket on my MGB let go!

The outing was a great success and we agreed that we would repeat it this year. Kippie Lodge were also extremely pleased with the event and suggested that as a trial we should open it up to other clubs as a precursor to a possible bigger future event. We therefore extended an invitation to friends and colleagues in various local clubs — Jaguar, TVR, Porsche, Aston Martin etc. — as well as a number of individual friends.

Despite the inevitable date clash with other events in the area which was a great shame, (but unavoidable) I think we were all blown away by the response! An exotic and varied range of cars assembled at the Kingswells ‘park and ride’ car park this morning before setting off on a 60 odd mile run around Bennachie, Auchleven, The Lord's Throat, Blairdaff etc. before parking on the lawn at Kippie Lodge and having a carvery lunch al fresco - in the sunshine!

Special thanks to Graham and map-meister Keith Robertson for all their efforts in organising everything for what was a super day out. Thanks too to those who took part and also those who came straight to lunch rather than doing the road run.

As an added bonus, there was no entry fee but we passed a hat round and raised just shy of £500 for UCAN, a local charity dedicated to raising awareness of urological cancers, and improving support and quality of life for people and families who are affected. We must do it all again next year!

Martyn Jeffery (Club Secretary)

View the photo gallery from this event: click here.

March 14th, 2019: presentation by TAU Racing Team

Once again, we were thrilled to welcome four members of Team Aberdeen University to come to Kippie Lodge on a club evening and present their accounts of this year's car to be entered for the IMechE Formula Student event at Silverstone in July.  A large audience, including guests from Grampian Jaguar Enthusiasts Club Grampian Triumph, IMechE the I.A.M. and AW Autotech enjoyed a 40-minute presentation from the TAU students.  The audience enthusiasm was evident from the 30 minutes'-worth of technical questions that followed.

TAU group MGOC 14 03 19

TAU team representatives with Club Chairman Roger Key: 

Arran Strutt (project manager), Joshua Barton (head of chassis), Dario Pozza (head of suspension)

Silvia Chamosa (head of brakes and uprights)

April 28th, 2018: Club visit to AW Autotech in Aberdeen

Warmest thanks are due to Alan Wallace, proprietor of the AW Autotech garage in Aberdeen, his mechanics, technicians and other staff, who hosted the Club on their premises on Saturday morning.  Members were allowed to have minor rectification work, servicing and inspections carried on the ramps.  A raffle, organized by Al Leonard, plus voluntary donations for work carried out, raised a total of £206 for the British Heart Foundation.

Graham Rettie set up and organized the event, even down to cooking bacon and sausage sandwiches on his barbecue!  Warm sunshine made its contribution to an unforgettable morning.  The mixture of social chat and technical observation provided an unforgettable day.  And the AW Autotech mechanics certainly proved they know their way around all types of MG cars!  AW Autotech is organizing its second annual 'Blast from the Past' classic car event at Thainstone on July 21st.  Click here for details.

You can view a full gallery of photos from the event here and on our Club Facebook page.

10 Group photo

                                                                                                      Group photo from the AW Autotech morning

April 21st, 2018: Mike Robinson's J2 at the Perthshire Classic Car Festival

Mike Robinson's 1932 supercharged MG J2 is a delightful little car, recently restored and much welcomed into our club!  Last weekend he drove it to Perth for the Classic Car Festival, where HRH Prince Michael of Kent chatted to participants.  Mike tells us the fine weather made the drive home via Glenshee a delight.

Mike Robinson River Dee

                                                                                   Mike Robinson's 1932 MG J2 poses by the River Dee (photograph by Mike Robinson)

Mike Robinson Perth 01 Mike Robinson Perth 02

                           J2 in pole position in Perth (Photograph by Mike Robinson)                                                          The show warms up (Photograph by Mike Robinson)

Mike Robinson Perth 03

                                                                                                  Prince Michael chats to Classic Car owners (photograph by Mike Robinson)


March 8th, 2018: TAU Racing Team presentation at Kippie Lodge

An audience of 50 people attended a splendid presentation by seven representatives of the TAU racing team ('Team Aberdeen University).  The speakers took turns to talk about their roles in creating, each year, a new Formula Student racing car to enter in the annual global competition for Formula Student cars at Silverstone.  In 2017 the TAU car achieved fourth place overall, third place among UK entries and first place among Scottish universities.

John, Peter, Josh, Bartek, Cameron Aron and James explained the technicalities of designing, constructing, testing and optimizing a one-man racing car within the rule of the exacting Formula Student competition.  The TAU-17 car was judges for acceleration, cost, design, efficiency, endurance, skidpad performance and sprint performance.  A presentation of the team's business model for marketing their expertise was also rated.

We were given insights into the novel features being introduced in the design for the TAU-18 car, including a pneumatic gear-shift system and new steering geometry.  The new car will be on display at our annual Drum Castle event on Sunday, August 5th.

The seven TAU members talked for 50 minutes, after which questions from the enthusiastic audience kept them on their feet and mettle for a further 35 minutes.  The Aberdeen MGOC threw the evening open to the local Jaguar, Porsche and Triumph clubs, whose members turned out in force.

TAU team

The TAU team presenters.  L-R: James, Aron, Cameron, John, Bartek, Josh and Peter.  [Photograph by Frank Odds]

Donald Brown Donald and TAU team Audience

Club Chairman Donald Brown introduces the TAU team to the audience.  [Photographs by Frank Odds]


August 10th, 2017: Club visit to the Royal Deeside Railway

Sixteen MG cars and two dozen club members gathered at Milton of Crathes station for an enjoyable evening hosted by the Royal Deeside Railway (  After a ride in the train the group was treated to light refreshments then a talk/Q&A from Harvey Pole, Superintendant of Carriage and Way.  The evening closed with a second train ride.

MG Pan as panorama

                                              MG line-up for the Royal Deeside Railway evening.  [Photograph from video by Sam Murray]

Cars at Deeside Railway   Group on train

                  Left: MGs at the Royal Deeside Railway evening; right: club members on board the train.  [Photographs by Frank Odds]

April 27th, 2017: Our Secretary Highlighted in Stratford Festival of Motoring

Roger Key, Secretary of the Aberdeen MG Owners' Club, is the headline feature in publicity
material from this year's Stratforward Festival. Roger and his wife, Margaret, will be driving
442 miles to attend the festival, which runs from April 30th to May 1st.
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Roger Key

                           Roger Key with his MG TF


April 27th, 2017: Former Aberdeen MGOC Member Becomes Queen's Chaplain

Rev. George Cowie, who drives an MGB and was a club member until recently, has been appointed as a Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland.

Click here for details.


Our Chairman's latest piece for the MGOC magazine, Enjoying MG

The somewhat unusual, but welcome, spell of Mediterranean weather in May brought out many of our members for the various club events. We had a good turnout for the Warm-up Run and enjoyed a gentle trip through Aberdeenshire roads finishing up at the Garlogie Inn for an excellent supper and a good chat. Our visit to the Grampian Transport Museum at Alford was a further success. An excellent number of members enjoyed seeing this year’s selection of vehicles of all types and vintage. The visit was followed by a self-catered tea and sandwich supper. Particular thanks for the catering goes to John and Jill Chessor.  Should you be passing close to Alford the Museum is well worth a visit. They have excellent displays of a wide range of vehicles of all types and age – highly recommended!   Our annual Solstice Run – from Banchory to Fettercairn – where we enjoyed an evening meal at the Ramsay Arms was, as usual, thoroughly enjoyable and well attended. As we now approach our busiest months, July to September, there are a number of events listed on our web site at which we plan to be present. The Glamis Extravaganza, 8th: 9th July – in which we join with Tayside MGOC – in what is probably one of the largest annual displays of MGs in Scotland, and is always an enjoyable event. Then, towards the end of the month, excitement grows as we prepare for our Show and Awards Day, Sunday 6th August, at Drum Castle. Let’s hope that the good weather continues. Enjoy your MG motoring and keep Safe. Donald